A Creative’s Haven Turned Contemporary Retreat

“I want to go places and see people. I want my mind to grow. I want to live where things happen on a big scale.” — F. Scott Fitzgerald


New York City has always been a hub that’s drawn dreamers, makers, artists and those with visions of grandeur into its evocative embrace. Something about the impossible-to-define (but easy to embrace) essence of this city seems to bring out the best in those who use their own inspirations to inspire others.


For this reason, The Renwick was perhaps an inevitability within New York. When first completed in 1928, the building that would eventually become The Renwick Hotel was a renowned and respected residence for creatives who had come to the city to seek both vision and fortune. Influential writers such as Thomas Mann, John Steinbeck and the aforementioned F. Scott Fitzgerald were all early residents of this storied structure, and did some of their most lauded work within its walls. In subsequent years, iconic artists brought color and life to some of the city’s first work/live lofts within the building. Throughout its life, The Renwick Hotel hasn’t just served as an architectural muse that’s inspired poetry, story and beauty, it’s become an integral part of all of the same. 


Today, The Renwick Hotel has honored that tradition by becoming a work of art in and of itself. Our 173 studio-style rooms and suites are each a living, breathing expression of the creative spirit, and stand ready to welcome guests who have come to Manhattan seeking their own expressive experiences.